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Workflow #

  • Create your branch from main
  • Run yarn to setup the development environment.
  • Make the changes you want and test them out in the demo website before sending a pull request.
  • Add all necessary information and examples in your pull request.

Commit message convention #

We follow conventional commits convention ✨

The commit contains the following structural elements, to communicate intent to the consumers of your library:

  • fix: patches a bug in your codebase
  • feat: introduces a new feature to the codebase
  • BREAKING CHANGE: introduces a breaking API change
  • refactor: introduce code refactor
  • docs: changes into documentation
  • test: adding or updating tests
  • chore: tooling changes, chore changes

We have a pre-commit hook to verify if your commit is correct 🚔

Writing components #

Each component will consist of:

  • ComponentName: Folder with name of component (PascalCase)
    • src/index.tsx: The React component
    • src/styles.ts: Any related styled-components
    • src/utils.ts : utils for this component
    • tests/index.test.ts: Jest / react-testing-library tests for this component

Adding icons #

Check the Icon README

Reporting issues #

You can report issues on our github project 🐛