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The Swiper component is an interactive UI element that allows users to navigate through a series of content panels or images by swiping left or right. It provides a smooth and responsive experience for browsing content, making it ideal for image galleries, slideshows, and mobile interfaces. This component enhances user engagement by enabling intuitive and fluid navigation.

import * as React from 'react'
import { Swiper, useSwiper } from '@welcome-ui/swiper'
const Example = () => {
const swiper = useSwiper({ spaceBetween: 0 })
return (
<Swiper h="400" store={swiper}>
style={{ maxWidth: '100%', maxHeight: '100%', objectFit: 'contain' }}
style={{ maxWidth: '100%', maxHeight: '100%', objectFit: 'contain' }}
style={{ maxWidth: '100%', maxHeight: '100%', objectFit: 'contain' }}
export default Example



Run the following command:

yarn add @welcome-ui/swiper

Import component:

import { Swiper, useSwiper } from '@welcome-ui/swiper'

Slides per view

Providing slidesPerView with { mobile: 1, tablet: 1, desktop: 2 } will show 1 slide per view on mobile and tablet and 2 slides per view on desktop.

First slide to show

By providing firstSlideToShow with 2, the swiper will begin on the second slide.

Centered slides

By providing centeredSlides, the swiper will begin on the middle slide, firstSlideToShow won't be used in this case.


Providing autoplay lets the slides advance automatically. Pass duration to control the amount of time each slide shows for.

With pagination

By providing the optional withPagination with { mobile: true, desktop: true }, you can activate the pagination on mobile/tablet and on desktop.

Without navigation

By providing the optional withNavigation with { mobile: false, desktop: false }, you can hide the navigation arrows on mobile/tablet and desktop, you still can scroll between slides.

With dark UI

Use dark (black) colors for the pagination and arrows in case of slides too bright with withDarkUI props.