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The Drawer component is a versatile UI element that slides in from the edge of the screen to reveal additional content or options without navigating away from the current page. It provides a space-efficient way to present temporary or contextual information, such as menus, settings, or notifications. Drawers enhance user experience by maintaining focus on the main content while offering quick access to supplementary features.

import * as React from 'react'
import { Drawer, useDrawer } from '@welcome-ui/drawer'
import { Button } from '@welcome-ui/button'
const Example = () => {
const drawer = useDrawer()
return (
<Drawer.Trigger as={Button} store={drawer}>
Open Drawer
<Drawer aria-label="Default drawer" store={drawer}>
Praesent sit amet quam ac velit faucibus dapibus. Quisque sapien ligula, rutrum quis aliquam
nec, convallis sit amet erat. Mauris auctor blandit porta.
export default Example



Run the following command:

yarn add @welcome-ui/drawer

Import component:

import { Drawer, useDrawer } from '@welcome-ui/drawer'

The most basic drawer needs useDrawer(), <Drawer.Trigger /> and <Drawer />. If you don't want a backdrop to be visible, please provide it a withBackdrop prop set to false. Backdrop allows us to have a smooth scroll across all browsers by wrapping the Drawer. This way, the Drawer can be absolutely positioned in the fixed Backdrop wrapper.


You have to add on <Drawer /> a prop withBackdrop. This adds our backdrop <Drawer.Backdrop /> on the drawer. You can also add a custom wrapper with the property backdrop.


We provide basic layout components for your drawer: <Drawer.Title />, <Drawer.Content /> and <Drawer.Footer />. They are all optional. By default, you have a close button <Drawer.Close /> that you can remove by setting the withCloseButton property to false. If you're using <Drawer.Close /> along with <Drawer.Title />, please make sure to position <Drawer.Close /> first in your code for styling purposes.


By default the placement of the drawer will be on the right but you can set it to top, bottom, or left.


By default the size of the drawer will be lg which is set in the theme. We provide 3 different sizes that will adapt according to the position of the Drawer. You can also set a custom size if needed.


All the elements can be styled as you see fit, by extending drawer's theme or directly with styled props.


We use useDialogStore from Ariakit Dialog for the state of the drawer with the animated flag set to true by default.

Pass options to useDrawer:

  • defaultOpen: e.g. const drawer = useDrawer({ defaultOpen: true })

And the hook returns (among other things):

  • useState('open'): whether the drawer is currently open
  • hide: a function to hide the drawer